PNL Insurance Services is a multi-line insurance agency that provides personalized, professional insurance solutions for mid-sized businesses, small businesses and executives. We also offer added value products like our Employee Benefit Management System at no extra cost.

Yes PNL is an independence insurance broker which enables us to provide objective information to our customers, helping you make informed decisions about your insurance needs. We take pride in the fact that we don’t push you toward policies that make us the most money, but rather the ones that suit your personal or business needs best. We understand that the insurance market is complex and our customers are relying on us to provide intelligent solutions that they couldn’t find with other agencies. Our philosophy is to build long-term relationships so that as your needs change and grow, you’ll continue to choose PNL Insurance Services as your insurance partner.

Our service is available to customers in California, and around the nation, including New York, Arizona, Illinois, Texas, Colorado and Maryland (contact us for the complete list of locations)